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Let’s just call him McIm & It’s “a girl”! Well, I’m insulted …

Let’s just call him McIm …

It was not so long ago that I horrified my Obama-supporting husband by saying, “It’s not the end of the world if McCain gets elected.” Well, I’ve changed my mind … it very well could be.

If McCain ever showed his Impulsive, Improvisational side, it was with the choice of Sarah Palin — the first important Presidential decision he had to make. This isn’t (to quote the press) a “bold risky move;” this is a risk to the good ol’ USA.

What was he thinking?

After all the lauded vetting of candidates, how could he choose someone he’d barely met; someone who no person of consequence even seems to know; someone who has no foreign policy (or travel) experience whatsoever? Isn’t this a reminder of the misdirected Bush “gut feeling” … or the “I looked into Putin’s eyes” …? Is this supposed to give us confidence when there are so many critical decisions to come?

Has the man who “would rather lose an election than lose a war” become so cynical that he thinks women will vote for women because we’re sisters in sex … or that pandering to what’s left of the true left wingers will shove him into the oval office?

And on a “marketing” note, has he forgotten that women are historically the family gatekeepers who want to keep their sons from war and their family safe … and the way to do that is not with someone who is clueless about the main issues facing the American mainland and the world.

As someone who used to have a great deal of respect for McCain, I find this truly frightening. To my mind, Senator McIm says it all,


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Post from Friday:

It’s “a girl”! Well, I’m insulted …

Do the men in this country, really think that those of us who supported Hillary Clinton just did it because she was “a girl”? Do they think that 18 million voters put her sex above her capabilities, or that the 10% still bent-out-of-shape women made the Hillary choice only because they’re female. Hello-o-o ……? If anything demonstrates that McCain doesn’t “get it,” this decision magnifies the distance he still has to travel.

Now, I have to admit that I’ve hardly heard of Sarah Palin — maybe that’s because she’s a first term governor of Alaska and before that a small town mayor — but, of course, I plan to learn more, for example:

  • Who is she and how come I’ve never really heard much about her?
  • Does she share my political concerns?
  • How does she propose to solve my issues?
  • What has she accomplished for the people in her community and for America?
  • Has she traveled extensively outside of the country and does she recognize the breadth of cultural differences that separate us from the rest of the world?
  • Why would I be comfortable if she was a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

In other words, what experiences and perspectives do we share besides having children, caring about families and — a major plus — we both have brown hair. Gee, I wonder which conditioner she uses for shine?


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