June 11, 2024   8:47am

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Mario on Hair

With a fashionable salon in Soho, Mario’s featured in Bobbi Brown’s best-selling book: Living Beauty and seen on “The Today Show” and in Allure, Gotham, Brides, and The New York Post. Yet, with all his celebrity, he hasn’t succumbed to that insufferable “I’m so cool” that New York stylists tend to burden us with. So what if he’s worked in New York, Paris, Dubai, and DC on the likes of film stars, models, “idols,” and politicos. Mario remains a warm, welcoming personality who is more concerned about your hair than you are. Added bonus: He’s as adept at styling as he is at coloring.

Contact Mario at mariodiab@snoety.com, or make an appointment through his website www.mariodiab.com. If you’re a snoety subscriber, he’ll give you a 20% discount on your first makeover, cut and/or color. Tip from snoety: his products are unique and amazing, too.

Mario on Hair Talks: