June 11, 2024   8:47am

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Family, Friends & You

Where a panel of college students used to tell-it-like-it-is in “College Crowd,” we’ve moved on to 20 Somethings which will open a window to the newest generation that’s out and on its own.

Francine Russo talks about “Family” and ruminates on life, family and dating from her perspective as a journalist, author, mom, widow, and step-mom.

Cindy Levine once offered strategies for figuring out “What’s Next” – a result of her two year personal journey from COO of JP Morgan’s U.S. Private Bank to her next challenge. Those posts are below. Cindy now heads Cindy Levine Group — Leadership Coaching — and focuses on that topic in snoety’s Travel & Work section.

And Harriett serves up some personal observations …

Family, Friends & You Talks: