June 11, 2024   8:46am

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Bruce Mandelbaum, L.Ac., LMT

An acupuncture practitioner and deep tissue massage therapist in New York and Connecticut, you may recognize Bruce as a guest expert on “The View” and “The Today Show.” He’s also on the list of New York sports doctors who recommend alternative approaches to your aches and pains. Bruce is fully licensed – L.Ac., LMT, Diplomate of the National Certification Commission of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. He has 25 years experience treating chronic back and neck pain and sports injuries, internal disorders and stress related problems. His philosophy of acupuncture incorporates traditional Chinese within a Western paradigm. The result is patients can utilize what they’ve learned to continue the healing process on their own.

Email bruce@snoety.com
If you’re a snoety subscriber, Bruce will give you 20% off your first treatment.


Cindy Levine

Former Chief Operating Officer for JP Morgan’s U.S. Private Bank and several Investment Banking Businesses (Telecom, Media & Technology, Financial Sponsors and Global Emerging Markets), today Cindy leads the Cindy Levine Group, Leadership Coaching, where she works with corporate, non-profit and social enterprise clients interested in developing high potential leaders. In addition, Cindy serves on the Board of VisionSpring and founded the Women’s Senior Operating Executive Network. A regular contributor to women’s publications, panels and professional events, Cindy also mentors and coaches women on career and life transition issues.

You can reach Cindy through cindylevine@snoety.com


Modesta Zapata

Modesta Zapata is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Having written for Chicago Magazine, Southern Living and National Geographic Adventure, she shares her unique insight into the world of today’s 20-somethings from the eyes of a young, New York City transplant hailing from a small town. Making sense of her new surroundings, Modesta explores topics ranging from ideas in tech, thoughts on dating, why you should (or shouldn’t) cut your kids some slack, and a look into the other side.


Ed Mills

Founder of Edward I. Mills + Associates and winner of multiple national architectural and interior design awards, Ed’s work has been featured in magazines such as: Architectural Digest, The New York Times, Town and Country, Architectural Record, and Progressive Architecture. Internationally he’s been seen in Global Architecture magazine for his work in places as diverse as Cap Ferrat, France; Enry, France; and Guadeloupe. Ed’s been a guest, critic and lecturer at Harvard, Yale, Pratt, Carnegie Mellon, RISD and . . . too many to count. His drawings and exhibitions have had homes in major museums and institutions throughout Europe. And, not necessarily last, I call him a Renaissance man because, if you like, he’ll regal you with his extensive knowledge of wine, food and historical architecture worldwide.

Reach Ed through ed@snoety.com


Francine Russo

Writer for Time magazine’s baby boomer section, “Generations” columnist for Time.com and writer for publications such as The New York Times Magazine, The Village Voice, Family Circle, and The Atlantic. Francine has appeared on “Oprah” and her book published during 2010, “They’re Your Parent’s, Too” [How Siblings Can Survive Their Parents’ Aging Without Driving Each Other Crazy], has been critically acclaimed, leading to a string of high-powered speaking engagements.

Contact Francine via francine@snoety.com


Jeff Parker

An Information Architect who’s lectured at New York University, Jeff has been practicing interface design for web and software applications for eight plus years. He’s worked with web and advertising agencies, Fortune 500 companies and prestigious institutions like Pitney Bowes, Bear Stearns, Schering Plough, Merrill Lynch, Fordham University, Goldman Sachs, Dresdner Bank, Union Bank of California, PricewaterhouseCoopers, American Red Cross, MTV, JP Morgan, and Time Warner.

Most “techies” tend to obfuscate everything by using lots of three syllable words and talking too quickly. Jeff explains complex things in a way that novices understand. He tells us the practical stuff we really do need to know (so we don’t have to bug our kids).

Contact Jeff through jeffparker@snoety.com


Mario Diab

With a fashionable salon in Soho, Mario’s most recently been featured in Bobbi Brown’s best-selling book: Living Beauty and seen on “The Today Show” and in Allure, Gotham, Brides, and The New York Post. Yet, with all his celebrity, he hasn’t succumbed to that insufferable “I’m so cool” that New York stylists tend to burden us with. So what if he’s worked in New York, Paris, Dubai, and DC on the likes of film stars, models, “idols” and politicos. Mario remains a warm, welcoming personality who’s more concerned about your hair than you are. Added bonus: he’s as adept at styling as he is at coloring.

Contact Mario at mariodiab@snoety.com, and if you’re a snoety subscriber, he’ll give you a 20% discount on your first makeover, cut and/or color. Tip from snoety: his products are unique and amazing, too. View Mario’s website at www.mariodiab.com.


Michele Ostrove

Founder and editor-in-chief of Wine Adventure magazine and a writer for national and international food and travel publications. Featured in the new book, Women of the Vine by Deborah Brenner. Heard and seen on radio and TV: “The Grapevine” in Santa Barbara, “The Wine Ladies” in Ontario, “Good Libations” in Phoenix, KSRO’s “The Wine Guy” in Northern California, and NBC-TV’s “Streetside San Diego.”

She’s also knowledgeable about food-travel-lifestyle-for-women, having written articles for National Geographic Traveler, More, Sunset, and many other publications.

If you’d like to reach Michele contact her via michele@snoety.com


Stefanie Bryn Sacks

A Culinary nutritionist and a professionally trained chef with a Masters of Science in Nutrition from Columbia University, you may have seen Stefanie on Discovery “Health’s National Body Challenge”, ABC Eyewitness News’ “Seven On Call,” ABC News for National Soy Month, the TV Food Network and WOR-710’s “Health Talk” or in publications such as Body and Soul Magazine, Teen Vogue, Oxygen, Self and Red. “The Source” by Woodson Merrell, M.D. features menus and recipes created by Stefanie for a 21 day optimal energy plan. Stefanie has a Masters of Science from Columbia University and is a graduate of AnneMarie Colbin’s Natural Gourmet Institute (the leader in health supportive culinary arts and theory). Affiliated with NYC’s Beth Israel Continuum Center for Health and Healing, she creates food and nutrition education programs for public and private schools; develops programs for Urban Zen and consults with community based organizations and corporations. Affiliated with NYC’s Beth Israel Continuum Center for Health and Healing, Stefanie is the nutritionist of choice for New York’s integrative medical doctors.

If you’re a snoety subscriber, Stefanie will give you 10% off on your first consultation. Contact stefanie@snoety.com. View Stefanie’s website at www.stefaniesacks.com.


Susan Burdick

Susan and her husband Bruce Burdick have been partners in The Burdick Group, a world-renowned design consultancy in San Francisco. Creating interiors, furniture and exhibits, their clients circle the globe, and to service them, so have they … traveling all over Europe and throughout Asia, and even the good ‘ol USA. Where their work didn’t take them, their passion for architecture, food, and trying out unexplored places does – from Northern India to Africa to the Baltics, Mexico, Tahiti, and islands beyond. Susan relishes the planning and logistics involved in taking a trip – be it a relatively simple one or something more complex like a boat trip down the Irrawaddy River (in Burma), a small boat charter along the Mediterranean in Turkey or a balloon adventure in Capadoccia, Turkey. All the more special, Susan brings her design sensibilities to her trip planning – always looking for unique places to stay and interesting places to visit. As a result, for years, she’s become the “go to” person for friends and clients who need travel advice.

Because we wanted an experienced traveler with an aesthetic sensibility we could relate to and a well-trained culinary palate for our “Travel” area, we’re thrilled Susan is with us. She shares all the practical things she’s learned the hard way to make it that much easier for us.

Email susanburdick@snoety.com