April 19, 2024   2:18pm

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News to Know

TEST: Should you be among the droves who rush out to buy an iPad? Who better to ask, then two of the country’s best “tech” reviewers.

If you’re debating yea or nay, read what David Pogue of The New York Times and Walter Mossberg of The Wall Street Journal have to say. David broke his review into two sections — one for techies and one for the rest of us — but we say read the whole thing. Mossberg has a bit of a different take and is more enthusiastic as well.

Our decision: We’ll just wait for the next version.

David Pogue, The New York Times review: State of the Art, “Looking at the iPad From Two Angles,” March 31, 2010

Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal review: Personal Technology, “Laptop Killer? Pretty Close,” April 1, 2010

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