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Food, Fitness & Health Stefanie on Eating

The Road to Wellness: Diary of a Culinary Nutritionist

Our culinary nutrition expert Stefanie is focusing more on specific health concerns and how they can be addressed through dietary changes. How did she learn so much and get “there” herself. Here’s her story…

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Yoga clothes that go beyond …

A friend who happens to be fashionable, feminine and a globe-trotting yoga guru told me that donna.m is inevitably her choice, and she emailed me the last time Donna had a trunk show in NYC.  Now donna.m is my favorite, too.

The clothes are pure cotton, comfy, washable, packable, versatile.  And you look great, whether exercising (I actually don’t do yoga) or just wearing.  One example, the shawl wrap duster. Recently featured on The Today Show this piece can be styled any way you want, ranging from the bra cami tunic, flared pant, twist top tunic, duster, sash and can be wrapped in up to 15 more ways. A donna.m outfit can be transformed into a summer dress or a relaxed outfit for flying (not to mention, of course, doing yoga), making the $30-$120 price well worth it.

Lucky for us:  donna.m is having trunk shows in NYC this week at Exhale Spa on Thursday and PURE yoga Friday and Saturday.  If you miss the shows, you can also go to her website:  www.donnamcollection.com.

You can thank us later …

donna.m collection
Exhale Spa
Thursday, March 26th, 9am-3pm
980 Madison at 76th Street

PURE yoga
Friday and Saturday, March 27 & 28, 8:30am-2pm
203 E.86th Street, between 3rd & 2nd


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Family, Friends & You On Harriett's Mind

You can get that email back

I had planned to write something insightful about being befuddled by the economy, but in its place…

You know how you dash off something regrettable or include the wrong recipient and, then, mistakenly click the send button on that email.   Well, I heard on the news that Gmail now allows you to get that email back — you have 5 seconds to do so and, soon, they’ll give you even more time.  Thinking that to be kind of a gee whiz — late-in-coming but certainly useful — it seemed a good idea to pass on that bit of solid info.

To impress my son, I even mentioned it to him.  His response: “Mom, I know about Gmail and, anyway, AOL offered that years ago … even Compuserv had it.”

Gosh … even when you think you know something special and current, you don’t and it’s not!


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