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Secrets on How to Succeed

Cathie’s one of my favorite people, and this is one book that’s long overdue. If you want to learn from the best or have a daughter, niece or friend who should, Basic Black is for you. Cathie Black is President of Hearst Magazines. Presiding over Bazaar, Cosmo, Marie Claire, “O”, Esquire, Town & Country, 19 magazines in all, she is one of the exceptionally high-powered women in business who truly did-it-on-her-own. With common sense and uncommon humor, Cathie tells you how.

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20 Somethings

Anonymously and Uncensored About Drugs

While our panel gets into gear, here’s an example of what you can expect. You may be shocked or not surprised at all. But you’ll be tuned in. This month’s focus is drugs, and this week’s subject is weed. (If you say pot, you’re “old.”) Coming next: cocaine, pharmaceuticals, drinking, and cigarettes.

Here’s the question posed to a few guys from schools in different parts of the country and who have very different philosophies about studying, relationships and life after college. Yet here, they are surprisingly in synch.

Question: What’s really going on with drugs on campus?”


The 60’s and 70’s are over. Kids generally are very informed about the harm and risk of drug use. They approach drugs with enthusiastic caution. Drinking to excess and weed have become standard operating procedure for people who “go out” but in general people are responsible with the more intense stuff. They view their drug-taking career as something that will end; they have an accurate perspective of risks the different drugs pose; and they know what effects they’ll enjoy and which they won’t.

Of the “go-outers,” a vast majority smoke weed frequently (i.e. more than once a week), and a sizable minority of guys will smoke weed everyday, numerous times a day. Many guys who enjoy smoking weed, and some girls as well, will go through a phase where they are high from dinner time onward, every day. These phases can happen in high school or college and may last a lifetime for a very, very small percentage while most get over it in a year or two. It depends on who’s surrounding you.

Get one thing straight, weed is addictive, but it isn’t necessarily harmful. Lots of people function better while stoned than not. It’s an anti-anxiety like Xanax but definitely healthier. Even the heaviest weed smokers find the drug easy to quit when their living situation changes: whether it’s spending a lot of time with a girlfriend who doesn’t smoke or living somewhere where there isn’t a lot of weed.

Next week kids talk more. If you have specific questions send them to college@snoety.com or send them in through the comment box below.


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Francine on Family

A few well-educated quips about your older kids . . .

Short and to the point, Francine’s got a lot to say about kids — from her personal experience (2 girls of her own, and 3 stepchildren) and from what she’s learned from the hundreds of interviews she’s conducted throughout her journalistic career.


Here are a few facts from Francine . . .

If you’ve got your heart set on a certain college, shut up about it! And don’t tour that school with your kid either. THAT’S THE ONE THEY WON’T PICK.

Don’t worry if your grown kids never call their siblings.  They will.  When you’re old. Maybe even before.

Step kids:
Don’t bend over backwards to be nicer to your step kids.  Your kids will resent it.

No girl ever lost weight because her mother told her she was fat.  Sit on yourself if you have to, but SAY NOTHING.

Contact Francine at francine@snoety.com.  She welcomes your comments.

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Dressing Fashion & Beauty

Bras and Illusions

For a simple, instantly slimming effect pull bra straps together at the back and safety pin or tie them together. This simple adjustment will lift your chest and make you look like you’ve dropped about five pounds.

Focus on a bra’s fit not it’s size. The band will stretch about half an inch during wear — so allow room to move. Each breast should fill the cup but not spill out. The bra should lift your breast above your rib cage.

Another thing: Never wear bras with clear plastic straps; they’re not invisible and look silly.

If you’ve got a thick middle, start with undergarments that smooth and hold you in. Add a fitted blazer or wrap dress which are great ways to cinch, creating the illusion of a leaner midsection.

Contact Domenica via domenica@snoety.com

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Mario on Hair

Two problem areas for women – thickening that thinning hair and covering those roots. Mario helps you tackle both.

Thinning Hair?
As my clients go through stress, pregnancy or menopause, they all complain about the same thing — fine and thinning hair.  That’s usually a signal to take a closer look at your hair products.  If words like volumizing or thickening aren’t on the label, it may be time to buy new.  It’s also good to start using hair vitamins that contain the supplement beta-carotene, which you can find at GNC and Sephora stores.

If you’re born with naturally thinning hair, also use beta-carotene but in addition avoid products that contain moisturizing ingredients.  Volumizing shampoo and conditioner paired with a volumizing mousse or gel builds individual hair follicles to create the look of fuller hair.

Between Colors?
To get an extra week between colors – use a smooth mascara that blends with your hair color.  And be sure to spritz waterproof hairspray to avoid being caught in the rain.

Mario’s thickening and color product choices: Phytovolume Actif for volume (available at Sephora); Profound Beauty thickening products (available at Mario’s); Bumble+Bumble thickening products; also for volume, XFusion which is a powdery color that is available in a variety of different shades and comes with an applicator. It has the added bonus of covering roots when you’re in a bind (available at Mario’s); L’Oreal and Clairol Beauty and Root Touch-up (at most drug stores).

Contact Mario via mario@snoety.com, and if you’re a snoety subscriber, he’ll give you a 20% discount on your first makeover, cut and/or color.  Check out his website at: mariodiab.com.

Tip from snoety: If your hair is at the serious stage, there are a number of doctors in New York City who specialize in thinning hair and provide you with nutritional remedies as well as solutions similar to but of different strengths than Rogain.  While I went to one of these specialists, he freaked me out with all the vitamin B he prescribed, and I didn’t follow-up.  A friend went to the same doctor and swears by him.  If you have someone you went to successfully and would recommend, let us know.


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Bruce on Acupuncture

Get over yelling, drinking and indulging “ here’s a much healthier way to relieve stress. . . .

Acupuncture and Body Balance
The true nature of the body is to heal and move towards balance.  For 3,500 years, acupuncture and its emphasis on body/mind integration have helped millions of people slow down, breathe, heal, and get back in touch.  In our society where the emphasis is on human “doing” instead of human “being,” we all need to do as much as we can to stay emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy.  Otherwise we fall into disease. Acupuncture is a solution.

Over the last 24 months, more of my patients have complained, “I’m completely stressed out,” than I’ve heard for the past 10 years.  Add it up — between computer, cell phone, email, Blackberry, and fax, all working while you’re having an espresso at Starbucks, there’s no time to stop.  This is where acupuncture can be a tremendous help, providing even the most stressed-out person with the ability to relax.  The reason? One treatment helps to produce endorphins (the boost you get when you run) and serotonin (a natural anti-depressant). Getting off my table, patients may describe their feelings instantly as being in a “zone” or some meditative state; others may not feel the full impact until 12 hours later. That feeling can last up to a week.

Contact Bruce via bruce@snoety.com. If you’re a snoety subscriber, Bruce will give you 20% off your first treatment.

Note from Harriett: I first learned about acupuncture when an extended bout with stress resulted in a shooting pain between the wings of my back, partially immobilizing me.  After trying pain relieving drugs and massage for weeks, one intense acupuncture treatment got rid of it. Now I do acupuncture on a frequent basis as a preventative.


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