September 25, 2023   7:22pm

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Your guy probably has MCD. What are the symptoms you should be looking for?

Does the male in your life change the channel, the lights and the sound system when he walks into a room?

Does he adamantly stand up for your equality as a woman professional, but expect you to do most of the work related to the home and family?

Does he avoid packing his own bags when his travels so you end up doing it for him — at the very last minute?

Does he look in a cabinet, closet or refrigerator and never see something that’s directly in front of him?

Does he have a hard time bending over to put the dishes in the dishwasher, but no problem putting them on the counter?

And, of course, does he never, ever ask for directions or stop for gas?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, then your fellow may have Male Chromosomal Disorder (MCD), a syndrome I noticed many years ago, but have only recently put a name to.

At first I was mistaken. I didn’t understand that the male need for “control” along with a child-like need for repetition and reward actually work in tandem. But recently through anecdotes of friends plus conversations in bathrooms from Yankee Stadium to Le Cirque, it’s become very clear. The symptoms are really a result of the same process.

Now, seems pretty obvious. From the time guys are born, some woman tells them what to do while “babying” him at the same time. First it’s the nurses in the hospital; then it’s the mom (always the mom); next the housekeeper and, of course, the nanny (if you’re lucky enough to help). Onward to child care and kindergarten, where the teachers and lunchroom servers are more likely to be female. The same at lower school. Then, who is smartest in the class during those early years? Of course, the girls.

By the time boys have a chance to exhibit their manliness, they’re actually quite confused. While they wallow in the attention and care they receive, they’ve also had it with females telling them what to do. They spend the rest of their lives exhibiting MCD with every woman they meet.

Anyone care to do a study on this?

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