May 21, 2024   5:31pm

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Pharmaceuticals are the new thing, without a doubt. Popping Ambien, Xanax, Aderall, Ritalin, Oxy-whatever, Vikadin and going out drinking is very popular because you can drink much less and still get fucked up. Its cheaper and, for some, it doesn’t leave a bad hangover so some think its healthier. Its not. It’s horrible for your body. People also snort many of the drugs, including caffeine pills, because it hits you faster and stronger. They will also lace weed with pills. Aderall is by far the most abused drug because it allows people to study like crazy. One of our friends at Michigan Law said that he hates aderall but is going to have to start doing it because everyone uses it. He doesn’t know a single person there that doesn’t use it to study. Many people say it’s equivalent to buying grades. Personally, no drug scares us more considering the future of society than Aderall because ‘good kids’ that would never do another drug use it and think its like Tylenol. It’s not. The fact is Aderall is chemically the exact same as Speed. It is an amphetamine. It is everywhere. Some people refuse to do work without it while others use it only for finals. Not everyone uses it but it’s hard to compete with those that do in an academic environment. One friend calls it an academic steroid. People also enjoy blowing it before going out because, like we said, it is speed. Methamphetamines get lots of press in the middle of the country and among the poor but the only people we know that touch the stuff is the homosexual community.

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