March 01, 2024   4:17am

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Our Computer Skills expert, Jeff, answers a question we’ve been getting a lot …

If you’re looking for good home computer help, friends and family are a good first step. However if they’re all sick of you, and you know a *true* geek, don’t be afraid to ask for help as they actually like to help solve a problem. Can’t get a geek? Here are other paths to take …

I’m a DIY (do it yourself) sort of guy, so my personal tech support is Google. There are many, MANY people out there who (thankfully) spend a *lot* of time writing “how to” guides and blogging about their own problems and how they solved them. (God bless them…) But in most cases I can find answers to any computer related problem with a few well chosen Google search phrases.

During your searches don’t overlook Google Groups ( Google groups contain thousands of discussion groups on every topic imaginable. You can search the groups directly via the link above, or you might sometimes see Google Groups results listed at the bottom of a regular Google search results page.

Another place to look for help is Under the “services” listing check the “computers” category. You’ll often find people offering home or small business tech support. (You can even place your own post–for free–asking for help.)

If all else fails, bring in the professionals. Geek Squad ( offers phone and in-home technical support. Some cities have stand alone Geek Squad stores, or you can contact them through Best Buy. (You can search for a geek by zip code on their web site).

There are probably other services like Geek Squad (esp. in NYC) but they’re the most top-of-mind. Unless… you have a Mac, in which case you could also check out the workshops and “Genius Bar” at your local Apple Store.

Finally, you could get all 1990s and look in the yellow pages under computer service and repair.

Good luck with the home network!

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