June 11, 2024   8:50am

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It’s a coming of age story – we were thrown together as roommates our Junior Year Abroad in college. While Bruce Springstein hit the scene back home, we disco’d to Gloria Gaynor and soaked up cities, museums, politics, food and wine, cute guys. In time, our French even passed for fluent. She became a dear friend, and I loved her then.

For the next thirty years we lived in different major cities, not sharing in each other’s day-to-day lives but connecting around the milestone events – both the highs and lows. And she had her share of both.

Now, serendipity has made us neighbors. I’m privileged to see up close what a wise, independent woman my friend has become. I admire first hand how she incorporates the experience of her “last 30 years” into the person she is today — one able to celebrate the beautiful moments and handle the tough ones with strength and perspective. Now, I love her AND respect her AND treasure her.

I recommend taking a fresh look at an old friend. Like me, you might find…

…Great joy in the rediscovery of a woman more amazing than you had stopped to appreciate in a while.

…Comfort in the knowledge that this generous person is a safe haven and holder of unconditional love for you.

…A reminder that, clich© or not, women friends are unique… having them is a gift and being one matters.

…She inspires you to be more like her.

Tell me about one of your friends and why she is amazing!

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