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We promised to supply you with a list of fashion wardrobe basics. But thought it made sense, first, to talk about spring fashion trends and, then, how to get that closet organized and ready to go …


The talk for Spring 2008 is about a clean, subtle and sophisticated look:

  • Neutrals, and softly colored pastels in pretty floral prints – lots and lots wispy, pretty, and subdued floral prints in fabrics that move and flow.
  • Cashmere or cotton layering in soft colors as coordinates.
  • Active wear is everywhere. Statistics indicate that the home office is on the rise, and now that you no longer need a suit for everyday (but still want to get out of your pajamas), active wear is a great option. When working from home I like to wear yoga pants with a layered cashmere look and ballet slippers.


With an idea of the fashion direction for spring 2008, it’s time to clear out some space for some fresh new looks. But before you can whip your wardrobe into shape, you’re going to have to edit and organize your closet. What better time than now?

I know, I know, it’s a traumatic event but I’m going t to let you in on a little secret – you’re never going to wear that garment tucked away in the back of your closet – the one you haven’t worn in the past 10 years – that one you keep hoping would fit properly one of these years … So pack it up and get it out of your way. You’ll never miss it.

Take it nice and slow – start by dividing your clothing into three piles:

  1. Clothing that fits and that you always gravitate towards.
  2. Clothing that fits that are classic, and that you completely forgot about because they were buried somewhere under the next pile you are going to work on.
  3. the “so-long” pile – so long since any of these item even fit and time to get these things out of your closet.

While you’re at it don’t forget those items that you have stored under dusty dry cleaning bags. Here’s another secret ALWAYS take clothes out of the dry cleaning plastic. The chemicals may turn clothes yellow if the clothes are kept in the plastic too long. If you have to cover, use a fabric garment bag.

Great … now we’re ready to go for the basics — get that closet organized for next week!

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