June 06, 2023   9:14am

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More from Francine on how to answer those online dating Q&A’s and a few other “rules of the road” you’ll want to know …

Those questions they want you to answer require that you understand what you’re really communicating …

Shade the truth about your weight: Many sites ask you to describe your body type as, CHOOSE ONE: thin, average, a few extra pounds, large. Do NOT check “a few extra pounds” unless you are seriously heavy. Everybody on those sites knows that “a few extra pounds” is code for “fat.”

Everybody moves themselves up a category in terms of weight, sometimes height, especially the men. But also, don’t exaggerate too much in the other direction. Men have told me how turned off they are by women who describe themselves as “stunning” or “spectacularly gorgeous” when they are nothing of the kind.

Also … check out a few dating websites before you join. If they offer a free trial, take it. And do a computer search for men by age, education level and anything else that’s important to you. Location if they let you. Then join the site with the most men you’d like to meet.

And, decide whether you really want them to — allegedly — “match” you with someone. Based on a very limited response from friends, sites that claim to do this really don’t seem to — and put you through a lot of busy work, questions to answer, essays to write. If you think you’re old enough and smart enough to pick out your own guy, go for a site with the most men in your category and the least work involved.

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