September 25, 2023   6:42pm

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What to wear for spring? Our “Dressing” expert Domenica tells you what you “have to” have …

This spring is NOT the season for fashion victims. The best-dressed will have a look of refinement. There is particular attention paid to quality and cut.The silhouettes are more pared down than in the past. Everything feels more feminine and romantic> spring is like a full on blooming bountiful garden of color set … while artistic prints add to the feeling of quality … and bold black and white graphics stand strong against all the color.


1. Dresses: Brights in blue, green, fuchsia, yellow, orange the list goes on …

2 Prints: Floral gardens – Artistic abstracts especially with a hand painted look – bold graphics in black and whites …

3. Dresses: The no 1 silhouette of the season in all shapes and lengths …

4. Transparency and layering: Single sheer overlays – Layers of layers over layers …


  • A shirtdress
  • Something in a floral print
  • Something in a bright color
  • An over sized clutch
  • A belt for a waist
  • Cuffs or bangles
  • A long dress for day
  • Something with a hand painted feel
  • A feminine but tailored suit
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