December 06, 2023   10:41pm

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Only our nutritionist Stefanie would come-up with “healthy” fast food for the kids (grandkids), and — while we know you ARE the “perfect” chef — an adult might also go for some of these suggestions …

Even die-hard cooks like a quick meal once in awhile. Here are some frozen and packaged foods that I always keep around and swear by …

Cascadian Farms frozen vegetable Blends:
Great to stir fry; then throw rice

Bell and Evans frozen Breaded Chicken Breast Tenders (and Nuggets and Gilled Chicken):
Pop in the oven and simply bake or make a quick chicken parmesan

Amy’s Pizza Pockets:
Great for the kids

Amy’s Burritos:
A quick and wholesome dinner

Amy’s Tamale Pie:
Rich yet light

Annie’s Mac and Cheese:
A healthier alternative to Kraft and kids love

Sunshine Burgers:
Amazing pure as can be veggie burger found in freezer section. Put it on a whole grain bun (or not) and serve with fixins’

Amy’s canned soups:
All delicious

Van’s waffles:
Love making my own, but sometimes just not in the mood or don’t have the time

Amy’s frozen pizza:

No, I don’t have stock in Amy’s; it’s just a great brand. Try whatever you can find that Amy’s offers; just make sure to look at fat and salt content. Some products run high.  You’ll see her products at Whole Foods,  other natural supermarkets, small health food stores, and even some big market chains.

Have a good time with that extra time you just gained,


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