December 11, 2023   3:32pm

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Ever get confused about the different types of hair coloring that are available? Our colorist/stylist/expert Mario clears that all up …


The most important factor in deciding on a shade of color for your hair is using what’s right for your face tone. Your eye color and natural complexion are the determining factors that help your stylist decide what shades to use on you. The next question is what type of coloring is best, and here are three types that are most often used:

1. Semi Permanent
This can lift the base color up 4 tones. I suggest it be used on anyone who is not going gray or is 50% gray. Some benefits of this kind of color are that it will:
– Work as camouflage in covering your gray;
– Turn any gray present into a natural highlight look;
– Be a lot softer on your hair.

2. Permanent
This is good for someone who is 75%-100% gray. Some benefits of this kind of color are that it will:
– Cover gray 100%;
– Last longer and hold for at least 4 weeks after processing.

3. Highlights
Highlights provide a brightening effect on the face and complement everyone. Some benefits of this kind of color are:
– You won’t need touch-ups often, and actually should not go for a touch-up for at least 3 months;
– If strategically and correctly placed and used in the same color family, highlights look completely natural and not as if hair has been colored.


To protect color and make it last as long as possible:
– Avoid prolonged sun exposure;
– Don’t over-wash your hair, try washing 2-3 times a week;
– Use a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair.

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