September 25, 2023   6:49pm

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Free patterns perfect for spring along with projects and places you’ll want to know about from a knowledgeable knitter friend, Phyllis Howe …

Everyone who loves needlework, knows that some of the most wonderful materials are perfect for spring: linen, cotton, silk, lace weight wool, fine hemp, etc, the options are endless, the designs superb. Here are a few examples of some of the best new free patterns on the web and where they can be found:

Nothing beats a spring chill like a lovely little wrap. Linen is the ideal warm/cool weather material. Here’s a free pattern from Louet that is perfect for knitting in transit or at home.

Get on the eco-awareness bandwagon and ditch those ugly plastic bags at the same time. The next time you go shopping, save your image and the environment by toting your own hand made bag. Find the perfect one here at Vogue Knitting. Check out the free pattern section where you’ll find a cabled version plus additional patterns that will encourage you to “go green” as soon as possible.*


Talking ecology, as showcased in the New York Times, check out the “Coral Reef Project” — the newest passion for passionate crocheters. Dedicated to creating awareness of one of the most important natural wonders of the world, this endeavor is described as the ideal blend of science, mathematics, art, feminism, handicrafts, and social activism. Go here to get the whole story.


If textiles are of interest to you, you might want to become familiar with the Textile Study Group of New York. This interesting group of enthusiasts holds monthly meetings where fiber artists of all kinds meet, present and share information about their work. Go here to find more information.

And, finally, we can’t exit before suggesting you check out the embroidery show that is currently at the Museum of Art & Design in New York. Aptly named “Pricked,” this exhibit explores how centuries-old needle handcraft traditions are rejuvenated in the mainstream of contemporary art and design. The male and female artists featured are from 17 countries as diverse as Romania, Egypt, Wales, Mexico, the Netherlands and the U.S.

A SPECIAL TIP & A DISCOUNT: Yarns for the patterns listed above are available at Knitty City, 208 w. 79th St., NY, NY 10024; Hours: daily, except Tuesday; Phone: 212.724.9596. Bring a copy of this article or the downloaded pattern to the store; ask for Pearl; and, as a snoety subscriber, receive 10% off on your first purchase of yarn for one spring project.

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