December 07, 2023   8:13am

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It seems fashion designers have finally realized that the climate has changed; thus, so should our wardrobes. That’s why I’ve been meaning to share an article “The All-Weather Wardrobe” in — of all places —The Wall Street Journal.

While I know we’re all focusing on spring, this story is about being season-less. So if you’re about to go shopping, well, think fall/winter/summer as well. (For example, I figured out awhile ago that the right weight cashmere can take me through every season of the year as can a pair of heavy cotton/lightweight wool pants. The same for jackets. All in the”right” color shades, of course.)

What are the designers doing (so we can think to do it, too)? They’re creating clothes that are:

  • made of lightweight fabrics that can be topped off with heavier items (Malo, Nanette Leopore, Peter Som, + others);
  • layered ensembles featuring “gauzy, flowing fabrics” that give a sense of transparency (Donna Karen);
  • tissue-weight but with the look of being heavily textured (Mark Badgley and James Mischka);
  • blurring the lines between seasons in fabric, color, pattern (Tracy Reese);
  • using fabrics that look textured and heavy for fall but are fairly light (Carmen Marc Valvo);
  • going for “season-less looks” (Michael Kors).

The point of all this: When you’re going through your closet for the change of season and rushing out to buy some new fresh items … think differently. Not only is it fine to start putting a little of spring with a bit of summer/fall/winter, it’s where fashion is going. And an added plus … the time, energy and money you’ll save!

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