June 06, 2023   9:30am

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Looks like genetics have, literally, gone to the dogs. If you ever wondered exactly what breeds your pooch comes from, now you may be able to find out. Genetic testing for canines has been going on for some time (law enforcement, breeders, etc.), and it’s now available to regular dog lovers like you and me.

One test is the Canine Heritage Breed Test. According to www.dog-dna.com, this is a “DNA-based diagnostic test that can genetically determine the breed composition of your dog.” It detects up to 38 canine breeds* and costs about $80.oo (have also seen costs at around $65.oo — you should look at other places online as well). No vet required. All you need is the test and after you send in cheek swab samples, you’ll receive a “full Certificate of Breed Analysis” that provides a better understanding of your dog’s ancestry” within 6 weeks.

There’s a more extensive recently announced test from Virgina-based Mars Veterinary. It requires a trip to the vet as it uses DNA from blood samples which are sent to a lab (takes about 6 weeks). MARS tests for 134 of 157 dog breeds that are recognized by the American Kennel Club. According to an article in msnbc.msn.com, it could cost anywhere from $100-$200 (not including vet costs).

Having not used any of these tests myself, I can’t make any recommendations. But as someone who likely will have dogs again, my curiosity might cause me opt for this. If any of you try it, let us know the results.

Canine Heritage Breed Test detects any of the following breeds:

Afghan Hound German Shepherd
Akita German Shorthaired Pointer
Basenji Golden Retriever
Basset Hound Greyhounds
Beagle Italian Greyhound
Belgian Tervuren Labrador Retriever
Bernese Mountain Dog Mastiff
Border Collie Miniature Schnauzer
Borzoi Pug
Boxer Rottweiler
Bulldog Saluki
Chihuahua Samoyed
Chinese Shar-Pei Shetland Sheepdog
Chow Chow Shih-Tzu
Cocker Spaniel Siberian Husky
Collie St. Bernard
Dachshund Standard Poodle
Doberman Pinscher Whippet
English Setter Yorkshire Terrier

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