September 25, 2023   7:12pm

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Rushing between workout & lunch … traveling and no time to wash … now there’s a solution. Our hair expert Mario clues us in that “Dry shampoo has been updated …”

Everyone’s so busy running from one thing to another that I’m constantly being asked what to do when there isn’t time to wash. Plus washing your hair everyday isn’t good for it (deadens color treated hair and diminishes hair’s natural moisture). My secret: DRY SHAMPOO!!! New formulations have taken it beyond the smelly kind you might have tried and tossed awhile ago.

Dry Shampoo’s now a versatile product that’s a great hair washing alternative. Spray it on the roots and it absorbs all the oil and/or perspiration. It gives your hair volume, and you can style it naturally as you normally would.

Tips on how to use Dry Shampoo:

  • Dry shampoo comes in a bottle like hairspray, so start by shaking well;
  • Spray 6-8 inches far from your roots and scalp of your hair;
  • Let the shampoo sit 4 minutes on your hair;
  • Restyle or style as usual.

Try Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo (around $24.00), available at Sephora stores in your area. If you want to spend less money on hair products, try using baby powder in the same way instructed above, and you’ll get similar (but maybe not as luminous) results.

Mario will be teaching how to use dry shampoo at Equinox in Soho.
We’ll be sending you an announcement of dates and times that you’ll be able to find Mario giving free “dry shampoo lessons” at the Soho Equinox located at:
69 Prince Street
(Prince beween Broadway and Crosby)
(212) 334-4631

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