September 25, 2023   8:49pm

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Everything changes, including the way your kids will go about their wedding.  Going through it herself, our Family advisor Francine shares what she’s learned …

 Well, the second of my many children is getting married this summer, and I’m here to tell you that weddings are DIFFERENT today–not so much the events themselves but the power and money dynamics.

If you and your kid are traditional, you’re paying for everything, and she’s okay with your inviting your colleagues and racquet-ball partners, well, read no further.

But if She or THEY are putting on the wedding, as so many “kids” are these days, I say Hands OFF–or at least delicate fingertips only. Even if you are throwing in some bucks, don’t assume you can invite whoever– and as many of them– as you like.Really, it’s not YOUR wedding.

Decor? Not your business. Venue? Bring up the problems posed to guests by a destination wedding, but carefully. Guests? A gentle plea to include Aunt Hildy is fine, but keep in mind that their wedding is now a reflection of THEIR world, not YOUR family.  Not anymore.

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