June 04, 2023   9:59am

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The other day I complimented a friend on how great her hair looked and she said slyly, “Oh, it’s the new straightener my salon’s using from Brazil.” Of course as a “curly,” I had to ask our “Hair” man Mario about it. His incredibly negative reaction went something like this…

Don’t even think about using that mix! I won’t have that in my salon. Not only is it bad for my clients, it’s a major health hazard for the people who work here!

Here’s Mario’s post about it:

This treatment has been referred to as The Brazilian Hair Straightener, Escova Progressiva, or Brazilian Keratin Treatment. If you’re even contemplating straightening your hair, you NEED to be AWARE that while you may hear that this is gentler to your hair, it is actually quite dangerous. That’s because it’s:

  • made of keratin protein and formaldehyde – the same chemicals used for embalming bodies.
  • been named a “probable human carcinogen” by the EPA.
  • content formaldehyde can cause eye and respiratory tract irritation that can last quite awhile.
  • fumes are dangerous, and heat and moderate humidity levels accelerate the noxious chemical effect.

You should also know that the higher the percentage of formaldehyde the more effective the treatment is for straightening, and that stylists are cautioned to wear gas masks and latex gloves even when using in an area with ventilation.

Don’t use this stuff!


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