December 07, 2023   12:51am

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Is it “Mel” or “Miguel”? I learned something “transformational” about traveling with your mate that’s just too good not to pass on …xx

Whenever a friend of mine and her husband travel, some phenomenon takes place and he becomes this other persona — relaxed, romantic, carefree, generous in spirit and in pocketbook. She’s actually taken to calling him by a different name the minute they board that plane, and the rest of the trip becomes, in her own words, “magical”. And, yes, they’ve literally been married for decades.

How is this possible? Who knows, but the result is so positive who cares. Maybe Miguel leaves Mel’s worries on the runway.

The point is … what if you or I did the same thing? I could go from “Harriett” to — OK, this is hard to do with an “H” — but you get the message.

The very next time I travel, I’m going to make a real effort to change from a stressed-out can’t-believe-we-made-this-plane horror into a more charming, even seductive, seat mate. By changing my attitude and mindset, maybe the surprise will be so great that my husband Aubrey, might pick-up the mood and become a little more dashing. And, once that starts … well …

Hey, if it works for Miguel, maybe it could work for us, too. Let’s see … from Aubrey to Auberto … Aubery to Antonio … Aubrey to ???? … Oh, s@#*!

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