September 25, 2023   7:59pm

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I asked our totally non-political “Hair” styling expert Mario to give a critique of our political ladies’ hairstyles. His response, “If I tell you, be sure everyone understands that I’m talking here only about their hair — not their philosophies.” So be it …


And why not start with SARAH*

palinhair.jpg “I like her fringe, but her French twist up-do is a little dated … 1990s? … unflattering. When her hair’s down it drags her down — too beauty queen, when what she needs to look like is the Vice President… ”

A nicer appraisal of JILL BIDEN’s* look … “

bidenhair.jpg “Her hair’s styled, yet very real. You feel like you can relate to her. She has a softer more everyday look, although I’d add more volume and bring the length up a bit …”

bushhair.jpg “She’s such a classic woman — great hair, and the way she has it styled fits her and her clothes perfectly …

And the potential next CINDY MCCAIN*

mccainhair.jpg “The fringe is a better look than when she pulls it back (with her long chin it makes her look like she’s had a face lift.) She needs softness around her face, and bangs add that.  In this picture with the pieces hanging down, I’m reminded of a high school prom — not representative of what’s you’d expect for a First Lady.  She’d look best with a long bob and soft fringe bangs. ”



“Love her long bob. The perfect amount of volume. She’s got a very classic, nice style.

and, last but not least, HILLARY* …

clintonhair.jpg  “I really like what she does with her hair — business-like, classic-chic, good with jeans or a suit. Just like her — not too fussy.”

In looking back at this, just want to say that, while I tend to like the Democrats’ hair better, I’m totally apolitical; if I was critiquing the Democrat versus Republican guys, the results may well have come out differently.


NOTE from SNOETY:   We find it interesting to watch how our lady leaders’ hairstyles change with the times and the circumstance.  Hillary’s hair has been a real indicator of what’s going on in her own life and career … Barbara and Laura Bush have rarely changed their style … Cindy’s hair seems to change with the setting > a ponytail with the motorcycle gang; down and soft the night of John’s nomination speech; straight back in the earlier days of the current campaigning … Michelle’s length seems pretty set, although she’s was sporting a flip before the current bob …



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