June 03, 2023   5:11am

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I dunno … why is everyone so busy emailing animal photos?

Could it be that in the complexity swirling around us, we’re just attracted to the most innocent and seemingly simplistic among us?

Are animals our new stop-and-take-a-breath heart-felt port in a storm — a reminder that we’re really kindly people instead of crazed out nutcases?

Is this why we’ve been inundated with humorous, heart-warming photos for the past two weeks?

Yes, I get that the moose has political overtones (and, yes, it’s the antithesis of the bloody trophy one) … but … still … I’ve never really focused on a mom moose attending to its baby before. It seems these dogs and bambi-like fawn haven’t had a lot of young moose experience either …

As for the Monk, well “man’s best friend” … and if we ever needed a best friend, now just might be the time!




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