June 14, 2024   12:39am

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Family, Friends & You

An UPDATE from the previously posted “Letter from Mumbai

Sometimes knowing the behind-the-scene story makes a far-away tragedy become even more real.  Here’s an update to the letter written to a friend in London from Jennifer Gammell.  Her husband Simon is in charge of the British Council in India based in Mumbai …

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Family, Friends & You

First Pooch advice. The world is watching …

Okay, so everyone’s giving their two cents on the First Puppy. Here’s my personal advice to the First parents …

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Dressing Fashion & Beauty Secret's Service

Give yourself and your closet a lift!

Check here weekly for that one place, service or product that snoety deems special.


Too many clothes and nothing to wear?

Avoid shopping spree guilt by leveraging what you already own.  In a couple of fun and worthwhile hours, Domenica will review, edit and update your wardrobe.  She’ll mix items you’d never think to match; push up a sleeve here, suggest a different hemline there … You’ll come out looking sensational!

And if you find that you do need to fill or replace what you might be missing or things that are too worn to wear, what better time to shop then now – all the shops are holding end of season sales …

Email or Call:

domenica.png Domenica Castaldo Ellison, 646 262 9579, domenica50@msn.com

Ask her your questions, tell her what you’re wanting to do, and, then, talk rates and dates …



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