September 25, 2023   6:57pm

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Tribal in tone; sophisticated in nature — furniture, accessories & art. At Chista & On Sale Now!

“Chista, founded in 1990, explores the roots of primitivism and modernism, the found and the sculptural in the everyday and the monumental.”

We’re into a certain type of aesthetic, no doubt impacted by our romance with Africa and the far East. For a zone of heaven, try tripping into Chista with its teak and tamarin furniture and accessories — tribal, sophisticated, modern. Or check out their website, where they’ve recently added an ongoing “Sales Section” (click here) with items rotated on a bi-weekly basis. (One of our favorites: the monolith coffee table made of aged teak whose legs can be rearranged; a different finish is also possible.)

Chista’s also having a floor-sample sale which will most likely last through January until their next container of new items arrives; but that date’s not set in stone. Yes, they ship anywhere possible, nationally and internationally.

Tell Scott Strickstein, the totally knowledgeable and charming fellow whom you’ll probably meet, that snoety sent you!

Showroom Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm and after-hours by appointment
Showroom: 537 Greenwich Street between Van Dam and Charlton, New York, NY. 10013
Phone: 212.924.0394
Fax: 212.633.9138

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