June 12, 2024   3:14am

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This picture holds more detail than you’d expect. At 1.474 gigapixels, when you zoom in you can see intricate details such as smiles and frowns on the bigwigs behind the President (instructions in this post) …


This spectacular 1.474 gigapixel photo is an incredibly detailed panorama of the inauguration. What makes it unique is the technology.

Click below to open and move around the photo:
http://gigapan.org/viewGigapanFullscreen.php?auth=033ef14483ee899496648c2b4b06233c. Once you’re in the photo, use the scroll bar in the upper left corner to start zooming in; the focus will move. You’ll see unbelievably minuscule details — even whether peoples’ eyes are opened or closed.

As you zoom in, give the image time to move from fuzzy to focused. Note the faces in closeup behind the President.

Interesting, huh?!

Thank you for sending this in, Kandy Hyde!

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