June 02, 2023   7:51pm

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Our adviser Francine, clues us in on what the numbers really mean when you’re scouting around on that online dating search ….

Online Dating Update: Playing the Numbers Game

Deflation is everywhere these days, not just on Wall Street. A recent foray into the online dating world revealed rampant cheating on numbers, especially about age. For a while now I’ve been urging women to shave a few years off their age to outwit arbitrary computer searches-and equally arbitrary and outdated human searches.

I guess all those women took my advice, or, just conceivably, figured this out for themselves. Now the men online have reacted. “When we talk on the phone,” one entreated, “Please tell me your real age.” Another told me he listed his partner’s age requirements as five years less than his real preferences.

So, here’s what we find. A 60-year-old man who wants to meet a woman, aged 50 to 60, may now specify his interest in partners 45-55. Inevitable, I guess. Still, this new numbering now makes it even more critical to take some years off your age — unless your numbers exclude you from the few great guys out there who are actually telling the truth.

Here’s an idea. You can proclaim: “This is my real age, and my photo shows what I really look like — now, not 10 years ago.” Who knows? In a world rife with exaggeration and outright lies, honesty may be fresh and appealing, the next hot new fashion.

Or maybe not.

Francine Russo

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