September 25, 2023   8:42pm

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Here are a few of the things you absolutely should NOT do when Tweeting …

If you read our past post, you’re probably a Twitter aficionado by now.  But, just in case you could still learn a few things, here is on “Top 13 Twitter Don’ts” by Sean Ludwig and our condensed version of their suggestions:

DON’T live tweet TV shows and spoil it for the rest of us!

DON’T tweet anything that could get you fired or prevent you from getting a job. Remember, tweets are public!

DON’T be boring in your tweets. People are following you for a reason. Give them what they signed up for, not weather reports.

DON’T forget to use lingo, “RT is re-tweet, and @name is how you respond or give props to someone.”

DON’T tweet more than 5 times in an hour or 10 times a day (it gets annoying to the rest of us).

DON’T reply to every single tweet. That’s annoying, too.

DON’T drink and tweet. You’ll regret it in the morning.

DON’T tweet about something life-changing or cool without adding a picture or a link, and make sure you use or to shorten your URL links (it’s less annoying and saves character spaces, too!).

DON’T re-tweet something without giving credit. To do this type in “RT” and then @[Name of person who posted the comment originally].

DON’T ignore people who direct message or reply to you. Get involved!

DON’T overuse the #hashtag too much. Don’t know what that is? Say you’re tweeting about Obama. After your post you can put an #Obama, but too many categories means people will stop caring.

DON’T complain if you have no followers. If you’re interesting, they will come.

DON’T tweet about your bathroom habits. Uh, obviously.

The more you know, the more people will follow (if that’s what you’re aiming for, anyway), and the more fun you’ll have.

Happy tweeting.

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