December 07, 2023   5:17am

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Just recently I’ve been getting Charley Horses in bed and leg and foot cramps when I exercise (another getting older syndrome?) … anyway, I saw this letter in The New York Times from someone who said they’ve solved that very problem.  Pat Sheffield from New Jersey said “I tried … Gatorade … potassium tablets … ate bananas … then, someone I met said to try magnesium, so I bought magnesium oxide over the counter.  I have taken that for five months and have not had one Charley Horse since.”

I’ve asked doctors, physical therapists and exercise trainers for a remedy and no one seems to have a solution.

 My question:  Has anyone else tried magnesium oxide?  Did this (or something else) work?

Let us know by typing your answer(s) in the comment box below.  Thanxxxxx!

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