April 20, 2024   4:40pm

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If you ever needed a back pillow for your chair or car … a weird shaped pillow to support your head, hips or knees … a roller for your neck … and you never knew where to go … here’s the place: www.healthyback.com. Decidedly unsexy with really ugly, useful things, it’s their memory foam pillows that I go for.

According to the site, Healthy Back came to be after “Anthony Mazlish was suffering from back pain and looking for a solution in the DC Metro area. After driving from store to store, he became frustrated by the lack of options available to him. In the midst of this frustration and pain, Mr. Mazlish realized the world needed a store that specialized in a variety of ergonomically designed products. This store would help customers relieve back and neck pain; thereby improving daily comfort. The store he envisioned was Healthy Back.”

And we’re glad he did. Got a pain.  Somewhere on their website, you’ll find just what you need.


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