June 04, 2023   5:01am

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It’s not just your car, home (1st or 2nd) or shoes anymore.  Do you use Twitter, Facebook, Linked-in, Myspace?  Well, now there’s research that tells you what your online social network says about you.  Just couldn’t resist reading this article …  Here’s the link if you want to read it, too, at Ad Age Digital …

A few insights:

  • 110 million Americans use them
  • Twitters are more interested in sex (duh – they are younger)
  • Facebook users skew a bit older (late to get on board)
  • Linked-in is the only user group with more “guys than gals.” (I hate that word “gals.”) They more likely to be into gym, spas, yoga, golf and tennis … also gambling and soap-operas (makes sense if they’re out-of-work).
  • Almost half of the social media users link only to family and friends. (I’m so glad about that.)
  • Only 15% use the social networks at work (Surprise!  Do you believe that?)

Frankly, I’m sick of hearing about social networks. I want all those people on Twitter (unless they’re in Iran) to just get a life.

Anyway, if you thought you had those social “indicators” down pat, here’s something new to add to your quiver …


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