September 25, 2023   8:46pm

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The other day my son annoyed me with a lecture on how I should be using a recharger rather than wasting all those batteries, which, by the way, also hurt the environment when tossed out. Then, he went further by actually buying me one of those ugly, bulky plastic rechargers and rechargeable batteries while gathering in a baggie my used batteries designated for the trash somewhere. (I never know where to pitch them.) The brand he bought was the Energizer Rechargable (and, now, with a $5.00 rebate)!

batteries_m.jpgAnyway … now I’m hooked. These rechargers are great! Not only do they eliminate having to buy pack-after-pack of expensive throwaway batteries, they save you time and money in other ways as well. According to the Energizer web site their rechargeable batteries hold a charge for up to 6 months, you can reuse and recharge them up to 150 more times, and they’re Energy Star approved (meaning they met the strict energy efficiency guidelines under the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy) not to mention that their rechargeables last 4 times longer in digital cameras. (Duracell’s site says much of the same things as Energizer’s.)

So … buy one (or two or three — they come in different battery sizes, but are STILL worth it.) And they’re sold with batteries. Simply put the used one in the charger when they’re empty, wait and voila! Just like new.

No more throwaways … no more confusion as to which are old or new … no more drawers full of extras …

Click here to take your pick of rechargers from — from $9.99 to $39.99

Click here to see which is best for you at Energizer’s rechargeable chooser

Click here to buy Energizer’s rechargeables from Office Depot

Click here to buy a Duracell recharger from Best Buy for $27.99

You can pick these up at almost any office supply store …

Don’t you just love life’s little pleasures!

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