September 25, 2023   8:30pm

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The Urban Zen Center presents six workshops — practical tools to make food lifestyle change so that you feel better …

Starting in the new year, the Urban Zen Foundation in partnership with The Palette Fund is launching a nutrition initiatve with a focus on “navigating and restoring health through food.” The series, “Food Solutions: A Whole Foods Approach to Wellness” will include six one-day workshops throughout the year, with the first kicking off January 20th. Our friend and snoety “eating expert” culinary nutritionist Stefanie Sacks together with her partner Amanda Archibald, RD created and are directing the workshops that will advocate “dietary change as part of the healing plan,” through food education activities, expert discussions, and hands-on learning.

The series begins with the workshop “Rightsizing your Waist and Your Plate” where participants will learn how to achieve the perfect balance between what and how much food to eat. Author of The Portion Teller, Dr. Lisa Young will present ways to make healthy food choices, and then, put her advice into action with cooking activities.

All the workshops focus on food choices as they relate to healing, for example, others include: “Managing Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies,””Navigating Cancer” and “Managing Chronic Pain” …

For the entire list of workshop topics being held throughout the year, visit  You can register for one session for $80.00 or the entire series of six for $400.00.

I’ve been surprised at how a change of diet impacted the way I feel (goodbye, reflux!). You might, too. Check it out.

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