April 19, 2024   4:00pm

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Bloomberg in 2012 … the first Jewish president for bad economic times.  Is that a form of reverse prejudice? Is Bloomberg good news? Here’s what others’ think …According to The Daily Beast, Ralph Nadar doesn’t necessarily endorse ithe just says it: Bloomberg could win in 2012.

However, The New York Times reports that on “Meet the Press” Bloomberg Rules Out Presidential Run.”

Yet, Matt Bai, also in The New York Times says “Bloomberg could skip the party” as he reports on the new No Labels organization.

Oh, and about No Labels, here’s what Frank Rich in The New York Times has to say: The Bipartisanship Racket. The title’s your first clue.  Yeah, yeah, we know there’s a lot of New York Times here, but Bloomberg IS the New York City Mayor.

If the economic recovery goes south, we wouldn’t rule Bloomberg out. What do you think?

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