April 20, 2024   6:40am

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If you’re interested in learning how to build a village that can generate natural wealth from soil and sun, come to this event in Brooklyn the day after Xmas.  (After all, you can shop anytime!) …

It’s an Open Source Ecology FLOdown Event! For the uninitiated read more below …

December 26th, 2 – 6pm @ THE COMMONS: Brooklyn  RSVP by clicking here.

What if there was a step-by-step guide anyone could use to build their own village using free/libre/open (FLO) tools that can generate natural wealth from the soil and sun? That’s the vision of Marcin Jakubowski, Ph.D, TED Fellow and founder of Open Source Ecology.

Marcin will be presenting his Global Village Construction Set on Sunday, December 26th from 3-6pm at The Commons Brooklyn, 388 Atlantic, Brooklyn, NY, 11217. The Global Village Construction Set is a collection of 50 tools that can be easily assembled and used to create a resilient, off-grid community with modern comforts.

Watch this two minute video explaining the GVCS.

Marcin and his team have already created 8 prototypes, including a modular power cube, tractor and brick press. Building costs of GVCS tools are over 8x less than the price of their proprietary competition. tools are over 8x cheaper to build than their corporately produced competition is to buy. Within 2 years, Marcin aims to complete the GVCS, providing any small group amateur fabricators the information necessary to build their own village quickly and inexpensively.

Marcin’s presentation is approximately 30 minutes long with 30 minutes for Q&A afterwards. A lightly structured discussion and a mini-hack for FLOfarm, a DIY farm, laboratory and recreational space located on 200-acres of land 2-hours outside of New York in Eastern, Pennsylvania, will follow. BYOB.

2-3pm. Mingling
3-4pm. Presentation and Q&A
4-6pm. Discussion and mini-hack

The Commons Brooklyn
388 Atlantic, 1st Floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11217
*3 blocks or less from A,C,G,F,2,3,4,5,D,N,R

RSVP by clicking here .

DISCLOSURE: This event is sponsored by Sarapis Foundation, which is founded by my son Devin Balkind.


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