March 01, 2024   4:41am

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Facts to the contrary, I continue to buy those outrageously expensive moisturizers/serums from Chanel and La Mer — certain they improve my skin, particularly during the winter months. So when visiting my LA friend Shifra, my Chanel was depleted, and she suggested I try hers — a moisturizer from Avon.

OMG! Count me in as a major fan! This $32 Avon Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion is sensational … on Amazon it’s $19.49 and less. Truth is, I’ve started using this Night Emulsion as my day cream, too, and swear its done wonders — not to mention making me feel wonderfully thrifty for knocking off the high-priced spread.

Will snoety really give up on those other high-end products as winter arrives? We’re in wait-and-see mode.

It’s great to find a bargain that works!

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