March 01, 2024   3:23am

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Found this UK Foreign Office travel warning to be surprising and expect you will, too.The following was reported in the global travel industry newsletter e Turbo News late May:

“LONDON, England – The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has published an official warning about the increasing number of missing people in Costa Rica on its travel advice website… . The new text includes the line:

‘Eight foreign nationals (including one British national) have gone missing in the last two years, with some related to criminal activity.’ The change comes in response to a letter from the Dixon family to Foreign Secretary William Hague. Minister of State Jeremy Browne said in a reply to the Dixons on 12 May: ‘Violent crime against tourists is increasing. The recent increase in the number of foreign nationals missing in Costa Rica is also worrying.’

David Dixon said: “There is a common misperception that Costa Rica is a safe place to go on holiday. While it is a beautiful country, travellers need to be aware of the increasing number of tourist disappearances and exercise a much greater degree of caution.”

Michael Dixon vanished after leaving his hotel room in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, on 18 October 2009. The story was recently covered in a BBC documentary:

While I’m not one to pay too much attention to this type of travel thing, it doesn’t hurt to be aware. Suggest you go to the Foreign and Commonwealth office website to read their travel advice.

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