July 18, 2024   11:30am

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A nifty time-saving (and vacation-saving) app to help you get around” even without wi-fi…

If you’ve ever traveled abroad with your smart phone, you know to take proper measures to make sure your next bill isn’t the cost of your plane fare. With sky-high roaming fees, using applications such as maps is cost-prohibitive, and no one wants to be the ridiculously confused tourist holding the map on the corner.  That’s why we were delighted that there’s now an app “Off Maps2,” which we first read about in The New York Times.

Off Maps2 allows you to pre-download city maps before your trip so you don’t incur the roaming fees while overseas. You can even put markers on the places you want to visit to make finding your way around that much easier. This app isn’t free” it’ll run you .99 for the app download with two free city maps, an additional .99 gives you three more apps, and a $6 charge gives you unlimited access to download maps (Beware! These will eat up a chunk of your smartphone’s memory).

Even if you’re not traveling overseas, it’s always a pain when you go in the subway and aren’t able to use maps to double-check your destination. Two dollars isn’t bad to always have access to a New York City map” especially if you’re new to the area, and even if you’re a pro.

Wouldn’t want to be caught sideSTOPing… especially if Harriett is behind you. 😉


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