September 25, 2023   7:06pm

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We know that having babies impacts the way we spend, but, if you’re a baby boomer, it looks like your 20 to 30-er still has an impact.

Ad Age Blogs: Stat of the Day has this info to share …

“We talk a lot about the impact of millennials living at home with their parents … somewhere between one in 10 and three in 10 seems to be a good guess for how big the population …although we’ve seen stats of up to 85% of graduating college seniors planning to move back home.

Some of these so-called Boomerangs are saving money by not renting, but many more just don’t have any money to save because the unemployment rates are so high for people in their 20s — almost 15% for those aged 20-24.”

This has huge and odd impacts on the spending habits of their boomer parents. For example, Boomers are more likely to be shopping for their kids and themselves from the same retailers. (Makes sense, if you’re in the store, you’re going to find something you like for yourself.)

The chart below illustrates some data from Experian …:

Behavioral Archetypes chart
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