December 05, 2023   7:07pm

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My latest TV passion is hot hot hot and … ready … he’s on PBS “Mystery,” a detective in Rome named ZEN.

But don’t think cosmically “zen”; Zeno is his real name. He just happens to hail from Venice, and that’s supposed to explain why his name doesn’t sound “Italian”. He’s honest; he’s smart; he’s lucky; he’s very sexy, and he lives with his mom (he’s divorced).  How bad can that be?

Every plot has a twisted twist and most of the women are beautiful. Also, it’s in the King’s English, which is a little weird for an “Italian” show, but what are you going to do? After all, it’s based on bestselling novels by British crime writer Michael Dibdin.  Zen is played by Rufus Sewell (Middlemarch) — did I mention he’s sexy?.

Now, there’s an underlying motive for telling you about this show. Zen was on PBS, “Masterpiece,” through July but now — this is so upsetting — you can only watch ZEN online now through August 30 and you can also get the DVD from PBS ($31.99) or Amazon ($24.99).

My idea is if you do one or the other, maybe the programmers will hear about the deluge, and the series will continue! Keep those cards and letter coming in — to PBS, that is!

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