September 25, 2023   8:20pm

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And you thought Americans only hated Congress. Turns out we hate companies, too.

In The 19 Most Hated Companies in America, The Atlantic writers Gus Lubin and Vivian Giang report on research compiled by The American Customer Satisfaction Index, where companies are rated based on thousands of surveys. You probably won’t be surprised to find that some of the most-hated companies are those that are consistently interfacing with the public (or they should be but aren’t), like large banks, airlines, power, and telecom companies.

Don’t look for BP – these are American companies only! Some of those listed would never have made my list, like American Airlines (my experiences with them are generally terrific) but Facebook — would have expected that; others might not have leapt to mind.

See if the companies you dislike made the list, and, don’t worry, you can always complain :-),

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