June 11, 2024   8:48am

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A breast cancer survivor and her exercise instructor have produced a DVD of restorative exercises … to give women back their stamina and self-confidence …

Nancy Hewitt is a friend, a producer and a breast cancer survivor. She first met Lisa Gulotta, who created a program designed for those coming out of treatment, when she signed up for her class after undergoing chemo and surgery herself. The experience was so positive with such dramatic results that Nancy and Lisa decided to form a company, 2 Women On A Mission, to spread the word about the considerable physical and emotional benefits exercise can bring.

The result is a series of DVDs, The Next Step, to give women and men access to specifically-designed one-on-one workouts that help survivors re-enter their daily lives with increased strength and range of motion. Volume 1: Restorative Exercises After Breast Cancer offers four separate classes over two hours, including a guided relaxation segment and allows viewers to progress at their own pace in the privacy of their home, with each exercise grouping building on the next. The feeling is that you have a personal trainer who soothes while helping you strengthen — but not in a demanding or forced way.

You can check out clips of the DVD by visiting the website www.exerciseafterbreastcancer.com, and you can purchase Volume 1 online.

For more information, contact Nancy Hewitt at 505-474-4464 or email nancy@exerciseafterbreastcancer.com

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