May 21, 2024   9:43am

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This is cool. Sotheby’s is giving us an insider view of the art world with a series of documentaries you can watch online.

Ever wanted to know the inner workings of the art world beyond the gallery events and openings you attend? Check out the online documentary series Sotheby’s created to discover the art world from an insider’s perspective.

There are four films:

1) The Artist – which takes you through the creative process with four major “intriguing and innovative” artists: Jeff Koons, Ronald Ventura, Cai Guo-Qiang, and Amy Granat.

2) The Collectors – focuses on the passions that motivate great collectors around the world to accumulate valuable cultural treasures, through their own words.

3)  The Rostrum – where you will “uncover what drives the world’s most talented auctioneers …”

4) The House — learn what makes an auction “so intense and irresistible …”

This is a wonderful way for the web to be used. … hope other auction houses, museums and other learning institutions start offering more “insider” content in this way.

Check out the entire series here.

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