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You’ve heard some of them before” mayo for your hair, olive oil for your skin” but here are other bizarre beauty tips that we’re told actually work (mayo and olive oil included!).

Remember those early days of concocting homemade beauty recipes and testing them on your friends? Who knew if they worked, but according to the Real Beauty article, “Weird and Whacky Beauty Facts,” there are a few that actually live up to the legend (with a few extras you may have never heard).

To soften the skin:
Bathe in milk and honey, olive oil or red wine,
If filling up a bathtub is too much, soak just the hands/feet in any of these. You can also just throw a few cups of any one of these ingredients in your bath water.

To avoid frizzy hair:
Dry hair with cotton such as in your boxer shorts (towel fibers can increase the frizzies).
Saturate your hair in mayonnaise (1/4 cup) with a few teaspoons of natural eucalyptus tree oil in the shower after shampooing.

To fight wrinkles:
Eat silicone rich foods such as lettuce and spinach.

For healthy nails:
Also, eat silicone rich foods such as lettuce and spinach.
Rub baking soda on a lemon wedge and rub on nails for a white look.

To combat bloating:
Make a celery seed tea (1 teaspoon of crushed seeds, steeped for 10-20 minutes).

To beat bad breathe:
Chew on a fresh sprig of parsley. (Maybe that’s why it’s often used as a garnish for food?)

For puffy eyes:
Place chilled, already-steeped green tea or chamomile bags over eyes.

To fix oily hair:
Rinse with half lemon juice, half black tea … or …
Boil mint and add the minty water to regular shampoo (2-to-1 ratio with more shampoo).

For smooth hair texture:
Make a sea-salt spritz (water, a few teaspoons of sea salt and a dash of olive oil in a spray bottle) … or …
Rinse hair with club soda … or …
Sleep with silk pillowcase.

For more body and to repair hair:
Boil 3/4 cup of beer until it reduces to 1/4 cup, cool and add cup of shampoo to mixture.

For shiny hair (pick one or all):
Olive oil with shampoo
Cranberry juice rinse (esp for redheads)
Brush hair every night

For longer lashes:
Dab flax seed oil on lash line with a Q-tip.

To remove make-up:
Use olive oil.

To condition hair:
Condition with moisturizing lotion … and/or …
Use mashed avocados

To de-stress:
Bathe with apple cider vinegar.

To cure smelly feet:
Soak feet in black tea bath.

For a brighter complexion:
Rub lemon on your face.

To fight oily skin:
Put egg whites over a washed face.

For an exfoliating face mask:
Oatmeal with milk, leave on for 10 minutes.

For more weird beauty tips and explanations of the above, read the entire article here.

Qualifier: We haven’t tried all of these tips; so, if you do, let us know how they work …


“Weird and Whacky Beauty Facts,” Leah Melby, Real Beauty

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