April 21, 2024   10:18am

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Many charitable causes seem impersonal because they’re so huge with so many layers of bureaucracy.  You send in the money and never have a clue as to how your $$$ have directly helped anyone.

Kiva.org is different.  To quote from their website: “Kiva lets you lend to a specific entrepreneur in the developing world — empowering them to lift themselves out of poverty.”  Note the word “lend.”  Whomever you lend money to, repays your loan.  Then you can re-contribute the amount you put in to them again if they need it, loan the funds to others or withdraw the funds.  Your money can do good over and over again.

And because Kiva’s so in-scale, you feel as if you’re really helping someone out directly.  Maybe that’s because, in fact, you really are.  For example, my son chose to “lend” money to Kiva for me for Mother’s Day.  The criteria he used for selecting who he wanted the money to go to was that they be moms.  Now, I can read all about the recipients and keep up with their progress — even email them if I choose to do so.

Check out www.kiva.org

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