April 24, 2024   12:48am

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Want Answers? So many of us have similar concerns, shouldn’t we have our own website? Even be able to “blog” a bit? Welcome to Secrets no one ever told youâ„¢ (snoetyâ„¢ for short) — musings, questions and insights on the practical stuff of our everyday lives …

The idea is to share our collective wisdom — the secrets we’ve learned along the way:

  • what do you want to do next?
  • strategies for eating without worrying
  • our parents inevitable passing
  • travel finds
  • plastic surgery and lipo and what-have-you
  • giving back
  • menopause fallout (like hair and memory)
  • male menopause (they have it, too)
  • the whole college thing
  • whether you should work with your mate
  • ways to save time
  • usefully dealing with your architect
  • what’s next (with our lives)
  • giving back
  • second homes – the hassles and the highs
  • whether you can afford to leave (or stay)
  • spending versus investing
  • the poop on pets
  • our moms and husbands and kids and siblings (yeah, we have issues) . . .

What’s not on this list but is on your mind? Tell us by using the comment box below.

How this works: To send your message, all you have to do is type into the comment box below or into the other comment boxes you’ll see on this site. We’ll get your message and post it in a related area where others will see what you’ve written and respond with their own thought. You can stay anonymous if you like or tell us who you are and provide your email address.

What would you suggest that snoetyâ„¢ cover and discuss?

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