July 18, 2024   11:05am

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Girls have more fun …

Seems to be in the air these days, women are getting back to remembering that girls have more fun … together…when there are NO guys around.
Last week I had lunch with a couple of amazing young women, and afterwards, one suggested to me that we start a woman’s “salon” including the interesting women we both know. This week I was invited to a wonderful day of swimming, eating and schmoozing with about 25 other women. As it turned out, I only knew the hostess and one friend I’d lost touch with, yet I felt wonderfully welcomed and part of the crowd. (That never would have happened in quite the same way if guys had been invited.) By the end of the day I walked away with a number of new friends that I have no doubt I’ll get together with again.

This made me think back to two other experiences — one in San Francisco where I lived in my 20’s. It was an “Affirmative Action for Women” weekend (remember those). The other was a “Woman’s Way” ski trip, where I got snowed in with a group of women who would have never been together otherwise. The philosophy was that it was too difficult to learn from macho men, and, whether you believe that or not, for the first time I actually was gleefully singing as I sped down the slopes. Both experiences were such highs, I remember them distinctly today.

So … ladies … have a new and old and get-to-know girlfriend gathering. You’ll re-appreciate one another, have a wonderful time in the process and — while you might think you don’t need any new friends — be surprised at what a thrill it is to welcome newbies into your life.


PS: A TIP — At the luncheon heretofore mentioned, it was suggested that we each stand up, give our name and say how we knew the hostess. This turned out to be a great way to get to know once another as the focus wasn’t on what we did so much as where our names came from and, thus, where we came from … a lot of surprises and, corny as this may sound, a lot of fun!

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