March 01, 2024   5:08am

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About Susan Burdick

Susan and her husband Bruce Burdick have been partners in The Burdick Group, a world-renowned design consultancy in San Francisco. Creating interiors, furniture and exhibits, their clients circle the globe, and to service them, so have they … traveling all over Europe and throughout Asia, and even the good ‘ol USA. Where their work didn’t take them, their passion for architecture, food, and trying out unexplored places does – from Northern India to Africa to the Baltics, Mexico, Tahiti, and islands beyond. Susan relishes the planning and logistics involved in taking a trip – be it a relatively simple one or something more complex like a boat trip down the Irrawaddy River (in Burma), a small boat charter along the Mediterranean in Turkey or a balloon adventure in Capadoccia, Turkey. All the more special, Susan brings her design sensibilities to her trip planning – always looking for unique places to stay and interesting places to visit. As a result, for years, she’s become the “go to” person for friends and clients who need travel advice. Because we wanted an experienced traveler with an aesthetic sensibility we could relate to and a well-trained culinary palate for our “Travel” area, we’re thrilled Susan is with us. She shares all the practical things she’s learned the hard way to make it that much easier for us. Email

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